Internal Stories That Will Get You Killed

Often I talk with people about self defense and they have been told a story, by someone else or themselves, that keeps them from seeking out training for themselves or for their loved ones. 

“I’m not a fighter.”

“I’m a woman, I can’t defend myself.”

“I will protect my kids, they don’t need to train.” 

“It’s law enforcement’s job to protect me.”

“I attended a seminar once, so I know what I am doing.”

“It’s too expensive to train.”

“I don’t have the time to train.”

These, or some variation, are the most common I have heard in the twelve years of doing this. Let’s explore these stories and how we can change them.

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Nonviolent Communication for Self Defense?!?

So whether you are trying to connect with your significant other, communicate tasks or plans to co-workers, or properly setting boundaries against a possible threat, clarity is key.

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Speak Softly but Carry a Big Stick

That said, in my experience, the most impactful people are the ones that can be tough when needed, but they know that the real magic comes in knowing how to talk with people, how to empathize, to relate. How to truly connect with people to deliver their message.

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What Now?

The reality is, ignorance is bliss…. until it’s not. If you’re worried about being murdered in public by mass violence, ignoring the topic only creates and fuels fear. Exposing yourself to the topic, learning how guns work and what they sound like, learning how to fight, learning how to give medical care, etc… These things are what will help suppress that fear and set you up a higher likelihood of survival.

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Completely Safe in 60 Minutes or Less

I have had numerous conversations in the last two weeks with parents interested in signing their children up for self defense classes over the summer before they head off to college. I think this is phenomenal. I personally feel it should be something A LOT more people should be considering not just before heading to…

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Riley Howell and lessons from the UNCC shooting

This is Riley Howell. Remember the name. Riley Howell Don’t forget it. Riley Howell Remember the face. 21 years old and he rushed the gunman during the UNCC shooting a few days ago. Two people were killed. Riley was one of them. Four more injured. Shortly after he knocked down the shooter, an officer entered…

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