In The Media

Over the years I have had the pleasure of sharing our message with several news outlets, newspapers, and podcasts. These interviews and articles are filled with information on active killer events, fitness, leadership advice, business tips, and general tomfoolery. Enjoy!

Podcast Interviews:

Rdella Podcast: Active Killers, Parkland Shooting, and Passing Laws

Know Fear w/ Tony Blauer: Parkland, Personal Accountability, Active Killers

Know Fear w/ Tony Blauer: Vegas Shooting, Importance of Medical Training for Civilians

Story Time w/ Ryan Mahle: Active Killer Events, Mental Health, Arming Teachers

Uncharted Performance: Beards, Importance of GPP, Fight vs Fit Crossover, Active Killers

Wolf and Iron: Strength Training, Fitness, Active Killers

One More Rep: Background, Training, Business, CrossFit, Accountability (Part 1)

One More Rep: Background, Training, Business, CrossFit Accountability (Part 2)

One More Rep: The Beginnings of our Active Killer Program, Surviving Active Killers

One More Rep: The Book – How to Survive an Active Killer

Biceps and Bullets: CrossFit, Krav Maga, Arnold Sports Festival

In the News:

CBS Evening News: ASR Seminars

The Blaze: Fighting Back

614 Magazine: ASR Seminars

10TV Columbus: ASR Seminars

Times Reporter: ASR Seminars

Instructional Videos:

Endeavor YouTube Playlists

Arnold Sports Instructional Videos

Video Discussions: